Here are Tasty Sandwich Catering Ideas for your Next Sydney Corporate Event

Who doesn’t like sandwiches? Sandwiches are delicious, nourishing, convenient, and very easy to prepare. All these qualities make sandwiches the perfect food item to serve at corporate catering events. Tasty Sandwich Catering Ideas will make your corporate event extra special.

Sandwich platters are always popular among guests attending meetings, seminars, and symposiums. Gourmet sandwich catering is yet another fantastic food idea if you are looking to impress potential clients and investors during a brief but important business meeting.

To help you in creating a scrumptious sandwich menu for your next corporate event, here are a few of the most popular Tasty Sandwich Catering Ideas to consider for your menu:

1.    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You can never go wrong with a grilled-to-perfection cheese sandwich! The simplicity in the preparation of this sandwich combined with its hearty quality makes it the perfect addition to your lunch catering menu. You can go for the classic grilled cheese or be more creative in its presentation by adding other ingredients such as bacon, green apples, and an assortment of gourmet cheeses. It will excite the taste buds and leave your guests satisfied.

2.    Club Sandwich

The club sandwich is yet another popular sandwich variety that you can serve to a large group of people. As the clubhouse sandwich is a multi-layered sandwich type, you can choose to incorporate a variety of tasty ingredients to make it filling for your guests to enjoy. Excellent fillings that you can use for your clubhouse sandwich are grilled chicken or turkey fillet, bacon, lettuce, and sliced meats such as salami. For a healthy version, you can use whole grain bread instead of the usual white bread.

3.    Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are excellent snack ideas at corporate events. During breaks, you can serve closed tea sandwiches with assorted fillings. They are nourishing and delicious. You can also pair them with fresh fruit juices, tea, or coffee during morning and afternoon office events.

If you have an upcoming corporate event that you need to organise, contact us so that we can help you plan the perfect sandwich menu. You may call us on 02 9460 0100 today.

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