Healthy and Delicious: The Benefits of Offering Nutritious Corporate Catering Menus

By placing a strong emphasis on worker productivity and well-being, modern workplaces are outperforming their competitors. What’s the greatest approach to ensure that your staff members are taken care of and productive all day long? Ensure that they have access to scrumptious and healthy catering selections! 

Additionally, providing your staff with healthy catering options can significantly boost their morale and productivity. For all of your corporate catering requirements, Square Catering is pleased to offer wholesome food options as one of the top local catering businesses in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Macquarie Park and everywhere in between.

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The Benefits Of Healthy Corporate Catering Options

Eating is more than simply fuel for the engine; it’s also about enjoying your food and being ready for the next day. It’s crucial that your crew has access to some delicious and nutritious meals because of this. With a variety of healthy options from Square Catering, everyone will be feeling great and prepared to take on whatever comes their way.

Take your pick from our: 

Morning & Afternoon tea 


Lunch packages

Dietaries menu

Sandwich platters


Hot Meals 

Finger Food, Fruit, Cheese & Antipasto Platters



And More!

All come with gluten-free choices! Bid farewell to the mid-afternoon slump – our nutritious meals will ensure that everyone has plenty of energy to tackle the day! Both your company and your employees will benefit from this.

Sustainably Prepared Food for the Whole Team

Square Catering takes pleasure in creating healthy options for corporate catering that satisfy a variety of palates, whether they are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or follow other dietary restrictions. Ultimately, a lot of people need options to accommodate different dietary requirements and sensitivities. Square Catering ensures that every employee has access to a tasty and nourishing meal—without compromising—by providing customisable alternatives and clear ingredient listings!

Plenty of veggies, lean protein-based entrees, wholesome snack plates, low-sugar desserts, gluten-free choices and more are all available on our healthy corporate catering menus! With so many of our nutritious options at your disposal, you can design a menu that pleases your staff members’ palates and complies with their dietary requirements while still providing them with a satisfying meal.

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Being Healthy Need Not Be Boring!

The days of bland meals and soggy veggies served in the name of health are long gone. We construct each meal with health and flavour in mind, from colourful salads overflowing with seasonal, fresh ingredients to succulent entreés full with flavour. 

Our healthy corporate catering meals will satisfy your palate and nurture your body, and your staff will love them. So, bid adieu to monotonous and uninteresting meals—healthy eating is everything but with Square Catering.

Enhance Your Experience with Corporate Catering

Corporate catering can do much more for your workers’ work experience and general morale than just providing a delicious meal. Offering children wholesome and nourishing options demonstrates your commitment to their well-being, and that counts for a lot! 

Providing your staff with wholesome catering options will boost morale by demonstrating your support for them. This fosters trust and team spirit among all members of your team and provides a few minutes for socialising over a filling and delectable meal.

Square Catering Provides Healthy Corporate Catering Menu

Encouraging employee well-being, productivity, and contentment can be greatly enhanced by offering healthy corporate catering alternatives in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Macquarie Park and everywhere in between

We offer conference and corporate catering services, including staff breakfasts, boardroom meetings, team building lunches, and even all-day conference catering or training-day-style catering. We also provide light servings like coffee and tea, sweets, wraps, rolls, sandwiches, hot food, and cold finger foods. 

Give us a call at 9460 0100 or send us a message if you’re interested in collaborating with Square Catering to provide your staff with access to nutritious catering alternatives!

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