No matter what your catering requirements from small office morning teas or afternoon tea to large corporate catering service, conference catering, party catering or themed parties, Square Catering can provide delicious, quality catering services.


With years of extensive experience and having built a strong relationship with both SMEs and large companies, Square Catering has become an expert in servicing conferences and huge corporate events.

We offer conference and corporate catering services in Sydney, including staff breakfasts, boardroom meetings, team building lunches, and even all-day conference catering or training-day-style catering. We also provide light servings like coffee and tea, sweets, wraps, rolls, sandwiches, hot food, and cold finger foods. Delight in our mouth-watering foods tailored to meet your need to stay energised and focused on conquering the challenging day ahead.

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Those special days in the calendar call for special servings of well-loved dishes. We understand how you look forward to gatherings that bring out traditions and intensify cultural appreciation, because we do too.

What’s more fun? We love sprucing it up with cuisine that matches your themed event. Mexican lunches? We got you covered. Italian Ferragosto? We’ll bring your favorites with gusto!

Being one of the most seasoned Sydney caterers, we have successfully catered for a number of themed events before, including Indian Diwali, Hindi Festival of Lights, Thanksgiving, Eid al-Fitr, and Oktoberfest. So you can trust that we know exactly what you’re looking for to make those celebrations even more special.


Quarterly brainstorming, hitting the month’s quota, welcoming team members, or saying farewell to a valuable employee. Every company has its own milestones to celebrate. And what better way to do it than over scrumptious food, right?

However, office tasks are hard enough and thinking of feeding an entire team could be even more taxing. Allow us to free you from this worry by providing win-worthy meals that make hard work even more rewarding. We are happy to provide premium office and boardroom lunches across Sydney.

For small gatherings or large, we will happily deliver to your office between 7 AM to 5 PM—from breakfast to lunch to afternoon tea and more!

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Catering for Celebrations

Company gatherings, whether big or small, are often the highlights of the year for many employees. One thing that will always make an impression on occasions like this? The food.

Here’s the good news. For gatherings that involve a larger number of attendees, we also offer corporate events catering. We’ve got the skills and experience to make your next Christmas soiree, anniversary party, or special birthday celebrations worth looking forward to.

Simply choose from our wide array of delectable dishes and we’ll ensure a top-notch food service that the entire office will be raving about for a long time.