Menu Ideas from Corporate Catering Services Professionals in Sydney

Creating an excellent menu for an office-related event is a crucial element in its success. Setting a good mood and ambience at an otherwise serious event such as a convention or a board meeting can be made possible by creating a thoughtful and wholesome menu.

In this article, we will give you a few menu ideas for your next office catering event. These recommendations may also be discussed with your preferred event catering company.

  • List down your food preferences and talk with your chosen catering service company

Given that the food will be prepared and served by a Sydney-based catering company, you need to discuss your ideas and preferences for the menu. A reputable catering company is focused on delivering satisfaction to clientele and thus will be attentive to their needs.

A corporate catering service company should be 100% flexible when planning an event menu. You may also choose from a caterer’s existing menu offerings. A caterer should be able to adjust the volume, pricing, and other personal references provided by the clients. Make sure that the menu for the event is completed and finalised three to four weeks prior to your event.

  • Food menu recommendations

A corporate catering company will typically present clients with pre-packaged meal options, la carte selections or a comprehensive buffet spread. Different meals of the day have their corresponding meal preparation suggestions or recommendations. Here are some of them:

For office breakfast food selection:

If you are on a budget, pre-packaged menus are the most affordable option. The manner in which food is served will largely depend on the nature of your corporate or office event. If it is a short event, pre-packaged boxed meals are the best. You may also choose hot buffets or continental meal option if your event will last for an entire day.

For corporate lunch food selection:

A catering company will have a choice of lunch menu packages to choose from. Ideally, working lunch meals consisting of sandwiches and side dishes are for small groups. Consider the schedule and pattern the menu based on how long guests are allowed to have their lunch break.

For office dinner food selection:

You will need to choose a more formal food menu for corporate dinner events. Choose between buffet packages or plated dinners. The menu will be typically made up of four to five items.


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