The Three Delicious Lunch Types For your Next Sydney Conference Catering Event

Three Delicious Lunch Types. If you have been tasked to take care of an upcoming corporate event or conference, you may be thinking of how you can come up with the perfect menu for your guests. There are many ways on how you can approach this task, but one excellent means is to simplify your menu and choose from these office catering ideas.

Let’s admit to the fact that with so many food trends going on right now, it can be daunting to choose one. Following all food trends is also unrealistic as doing so may mean a very expensive catering bill. To simplify things for you, here are tips from corporate catering experts:

  • For lunch catering, it is for you to decide the type of food to serve for such an event. Factors to consider when creating a menu are the venue and the number of people in attendance. The type of guests that you are expecting will also determine the type of food that a catering company will suggest for the menu. Other determinants are:
    •  What is the occasion? Are you holding a formal event for investors or is it an informal and simple event among your employees?

    •  Do you prefer a sit-down lunch or a buffet?


Once you have identified the specific type of corporate event that you have, you can then choose from these Three Delicious Lunch Types options:


·     Deli Buffet 

A deli buffet mostly consists of finger foods that are easy to prepare and nourishing too! A deli buffet style for a corporate lunch event typically includes mixed green salads with assorted dressing options, crisps, chips, sandwiches, and small dessert treats.


·     Themed Buffets

If you want the buffet to be more interesting and eye-catching, you may choose a themed menu that features specialty dishes from a specific cuisine. An Italian-themed buffer, for instance, will include pizza, pasta, and panini, while Asian-themed buffet will feature spring rolls, sushi, noodles, and rice dishes.


  • Boxed Lunches

If you want a simple and straightforward lunch menu for your employees during a seminar at the office, boxed lunches are perfect! A boxed lunch will include everything that your attendees will need to power through the rest of the afternoon. A boxed lunch may include a sandwich, small-portion salad, fresh fruits, chips or desserts, and condiments on the side.


For more corporate lunch menu suggestions or if you need help in creating a menu for your next office event, feel free to call us on 02 9460 0100 today.

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