Affordable Corporate Catering: How To Feed A Crowd On A Budget

Hi there, food lovers! Are you sick and weary of spending a fortune on corporate catering events? You’re in the right place, then! We’ll talk about affordable corporate catering solutions and offer some advice on how to make your event a success in this blog post. After all, who doesn’t enjoy delicious food? Prepare to don your chef’s hat, and let’s get started!

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The Value of Caterers for Business Events: Budget-Friendly Corporate Catering Ideas

Any corporate event’s atmosphere can be greatly influenced by the corporate food. If carried out correctly, it can contribute to the development of a welcoming environment that will motivate people to socialise. And if it’s not well thought out, it might have the exact opposite impact, making people feel uneasy and uninspired. We’ve developed a list of considerations to make sure your corporate catering services are both on par and within your budget.

Recognising Your Requirements

Evaluating The Magnitude Of The Event

The first step in organising a corporate food service should be estimating the number of attendees. This is significant since it aids in calculating the necessary food portions. Halfway through the celebration, you don’t want to run out of food, do you? Don’t forget to account for the quantity of servers and waiters that may be required.

Having a realistic view of your finances will help you spend less and avoid waste. It’ll guarantee that your food will come on schedule as well. Naturally, it’s better to overestimate the number of guests in order to ensure that everyone has enough to eat. This will also assist you in selecting a suitable menu and wisely choosing from among your available catering choices. 

Determining Dietary Inclinations And Limitations

Suppose you are planning a Christmas party for staff members across multiple divisions at work. What happens if someone is allergic to nuts or has a gluten intolerance? Or there can be a vegetarian there who only consumes plant-based foods. You wouldn’t want to serve them anything they are unable to consume, would you? Because of this, it’s critical to recognise these demands as soon as possible in order to offer a suitable substitute.

Budget-Friendly Corporate Catering Ideas - catering for small events - special corporate events catering - square catering

A Comparison of Catering Choices

Comparing external and in-house caterers

The second decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to employ a third party caterer or offer catering services internally. The choice is mostly influenced by the nature of the event and the impressions you wish to leave on your guests. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each choice to see which would be more cost-effective and suitable for your event.

Internal Catering

Using your company’s own kitchen and personnel to cook and serve the food for the event is known as “in-house catering.” This can be a very cost-effective option, particularly if your kitchen is already well-stocked and your crew is knowledgeable. In addition, you can have more control over the food’s quality and presentation because it’s being produced on-site.


  • Possibly reduced expenses
  • More authority over the menu and quality of the meal
  • Greater adaptability for last-minute adjustments


  • Restricted menu choices
  • Might need more personnel or resources

External Catering

On the other side, external catering entails employing a seasoned caterer to manage every facet of the meal service. These businesses can provide a wide range of meal selections to fit your occasion and have a wealth of knowledge. Even while outside catering might occasionally be more expensive, a lot of businesses now provide corporate catering choices that are reasonably priced without compromising on quality.


  • Greater variety in the menu selections.
  • Knowledgeable employees and a polished appearance.
  • Greater adaptability to unique dietary requirements and preferences.


  • Possibly greater expenses.
  • Reduced oversight of the menu and food quality.
  • Maybe more coordination with the caterer is needed.

Comparing Caterers

It’s time to compile a shortlist of possible catering businesses now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both choices. Comparing prices, menus, and services from at least three different suppliers is the ideal course of action. The following fundamental actions can help you reduce your options:

Step 1: Conduct research.

Make a list of possible caterers in your neighbourhood first. Ask friends and coworkers for ideas, or quickly look up nearby catering businesses online. After you’ve made a list, look through their websites and internet reviews to see what kind of people they are and how they operate.

Step 2: Get Estimates

Make contact with each caterer on your list and let them know the specifics of your event, such as the date, time, and number of guests, as well as any dietary restrictions. Request a comprehensive estimate that covers all expenses, including those for staffing, food, drink, and equipment rentals. This will enable you to compare several caterers on an apples-to-apples basis.

Step 3: Assessing Services and Menus

Examine the suggested meals offered by each caterer, taking into account factors like presentation, diversity, and suitability for any dietary requirements. Make a note of the services they provide, including staffing on-site, breakdown, and setup. You might also want to find out if they have any experience organising business events like yours.

Step 4: Arrange a Food Tasting Event

If at all feasible, arrange a taste with your top picks so you may try their meal and assess the quality directly. You can also use this as an opportunity to talk about any worries or enquiries you may have and to gauge their degree of customer service.

Step 5: Choose What to Do

Examine the benefits and drawbacks of each caterer with the facts at hand, taking into account aspects like cost, menu, experience, and client testimonials. To guarantee a smooth and successful event, once you’ve chosen the caterer that best suits your demands and budget, make sure to confirm all details in writing and maintain open lines of contact.

Who’s the Right Corporate Catering Partner?

You cannot achieve your desired corporate event without the help of the right corporate catering company. If you’re in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Macquarie Park and everywhere in between, Square Catering is your perfect choice!

We understand the demands of business and cater for those that require flexibility and quick action. We are all about customer service, we listen to our customer’s needs, we help you plan and price the order to suit your budget. So for an affordable corporate catering menu, contact us today and let’s discuss your needs!

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