Choosing the Perfect Corporate Catering Set Up for your Next Office Event

Finding the right corporate catering service is key to a successful event. To create the best dining experience for your guests, which may consist of clients, employees, and bosses, it is crucial to partner up with a company with experience and skills in catering for corporate events.


Here are catering set-ups to choose from for your next town hall meeting, conference, or team building:


Table Service

Table service is the ideal set up for formal office and corporate occasions. It is a recommended set up if your event will include speeches and presentations. At a table service set up, it makes it easier for guests to focus their attention on speakers on stage. Also, guests who are seated on the same table can have deeper conversations throughout the event. The table service, however, offers a limited menu for guests to enjoy. Lastly, you will need enough space for waiting staff to move around efficiently when serving dishes to guests.


Buffet Style

A buffet is the best set up if you are expecting a large number of attendees to attend your event. If the guests come at different times, the buffet-style setup allows you to serve guests at bigger events such as company benefits and gala parties. Another advantage of selecting buffet style is that you can serve a large variety of dishes to guests who may have different types of diets or food preferences.


Walking Dinner

The walking dinner set up has two advantages. Firstly, your guests are comfortably seated as they wait for their food to be served. They can engage in conversation with other guests as service staff bring their plates of food to their tables. It is also an affordable catering solution since you can create your menu, hence limiting the chances of throwing away food at the end of the event. This is the perfect set up if you want your guests to communicate and network amongst themselves during a corporate event.


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