How Much Should You Pay For Corporate Catering?

Food plays a role in producing memorable experiences and inspirational events. A corporate catering company’s ultimate goal is to provide great food and superb service to corporate meetings and events. Square Catering can provide that for you!

When a client contacts us, the first question they frequently have is about the corporate catering services rates. Our catering costs are determined by a few factors in addition to the menu selection and the extras that can enhance your conference or business function.

What Is The Price Of Corporate Catering? How Much You Should Pay?

Corporate catering should set you back between $5 and $90 per person. All of this will depend on the kind of food you want, the quantity, timeliness, and hiring of staff. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Styles of Catering

You can be a foodie without being an avid fan of Master Chef. Delicious cuisine that has been freshly prepared by skilled chefs is something that we can all appreciate.

What is the anticipated food provision for your event? As part of the gathering, are you serving a main course or appetisers and drinks?

We provide a variety of corporate catering options to fit both a more formal breaking of the bread and a relaxed social setting. We will provide you with corporate catering rates that are commensurate with your creativity and the number of your visitors.

Employee Expense

When planning a larger event with 50 or more attendees, hiring service staff is a wise investment. Delicious food served by amiable waitstaff adds up to an excellent visitor experience. It relieves you of the burden of handling food service, setup, and cleanup.

A skilled group can guarantee that the event happens on schedule. Caterers think about the continuous costs of finding and employing skilled workers for their company, as well as handling the payroll and insurance, in addition to compensating the team for their services on the big day.

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When Is the Best Time for an Event?

You need to consider when to hold your event. Timing of events during peak season is another factor that you should consider. In order to cover the costs of sourcing and preparing food as well as staff hiring during religious holidays, weekends, and public holidays, caterers will impose minimum rates or additional fees.

Reaching Out To Your Caterer


Make sure there are no limitations on hiring outside caterers if your corporate event is taking place outside by asking the venue about their needs.

The number of guests

Since catering is normally charged per person, knowing how many people will be attending allows for the most precise pricing.

Trying the food before the event

If you have time, it’s worth scheduling a food tasting, especially for significant and large-scale events. You can check to see whether the food presentation is consistent with the photos on the website and make sure it looks and tastes well. It’s a chance to get to know the chef, ask enquiries, offer suggestions, and gauge their level of adaptability to your event’s needs.

How Much You Should Pay for a corporate catering services in north sydney - boardroom catering - office catering north sydney - square catering

Maximising Your Budget

Full-service catering businesses will match your spending limit with their menu items to create a special menu that your guests will like.

A few strategies exist to assist your caterer in keeping their corporate catering costs within your means while maintaining the calibre of the event or meeting you are hosting:


Be open and honest with the caterer about your upper limit or range of possible expenses. This aids in the preparation of a reasonable menu and service choices for you.

Catering style 

It goes without saying that a plated meal will cost more than, say, a staff-free buffet or food station setup.

Ingredients and menu selections

Due to the additional ingredients and processing needed, deluxe and premium canape options are more expensive than standard canape alternatives. Organic, gluten-free, and sustainably derived products are also more expensive. Sometimes you have to do this to accommodate your guest or workplace needs, but keep in mind that there may be financial repercussions.

To demonstrate what is included, your quote should be broken down item by item. Make sure the caterer has everything you’ll need, and remove whatever you don’t need them to supply. Watch out for quotes that are all-inclusive and fail to specify the components and value your caterer is providing. Both parties are protected by itemised quotes, which ensure nothing is overlooked.

We will collaborate with you to secure a vibrant event experience, regardless of your budget.

Why Choose Square Catering?

Your pre-event to-do list won’t contain the challenges thanks to the Square Catering crew. Our team has expertise in meticulously organising the necessary food, along with amiable servers on the big day. We can also provide any food specifications that you may want us to consider.

Square Catering offers wide food choices for you to choose from. You can check our menu here.

You can unwind and participate fully in your corporate meeting or event while Square Catering handles the logistics. Contact us today and discuss your corporate event requirements! 

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