How to Take the Stress Out of Planning for Office Catering in Sydney

Have you been tasked with making arrangements for office catering and are feeling stressed because you aren’t sure which catering service to call?


Perhaps you require catering for an early meeting breakfast meeting?


Maybe it’s a client appreciation event.


Or you could be having a brainstorming session with team members in the office.


It always helps to know what to look out for when choosing an office catering service in Sydney.


In this post, we will consider a few steps that you can take when planning for office function catering in Sydney. Only then can you complete the task with confidence knowing that you have all the bases covered.


Set a budget for breakfast or lunch catering

Before anything else, you need to set a budget for office catering. A simple way of doing this is to determine the number of people you are catering for and consider the maximum price per head you would be willing to pay. You can also look at what the organisation paid the last time a similar event was held and use the price as a guideline.


If the price you’re looking at was for services provided a year or more earlier, you can expect the quotes you receive to be higher. Considering the rise in prices for most ingredients, which the caterer will pass on to you.


Once you have set your budget for the event, you can decide on a venue, whether it’s in your office or at a nearby location.


Decide on a venue for corporate catering in North Sydney

You can hold a function such as a boardroom lunch catering in the office boardroom. This option lowers your expenses as you can save on the cost of hiring a venue.


At times you may have to organise office catering at a location which may be convenient for a client or a group of prospects you have invited to view a product demonstration.


Consider the higher costs as an investment, as you could easily recover what you paid in the form of the business gained as a result of a group or one-on-presentation.


Factors to consider when choosing an office catering company

Once you have decided on a venue for office catering, the next step is to find a good catering service provider who has the interest of your organisation in mind. The caterer should have the flexibility to work within your budget and also be able to meet the dietary requirements of different people.


A professional catering company can provide you with a series of different food choices as well as various types of services. You can opt for a seated meal to a cocktail menu or organise food stations for a lavish buffet experience.


An expert catering service will likewise be able to attend to any dietary requirements that your guests may have. Before you meet your caterer, it is crucial that you have a list of your guests’ dietary requirements; whether they are allergic to foods, on a rigorous diet (vegetarian) or if they have any religious dietary limitations. Go over these requirements with your catering service to see just what they can offer you.


Also, you would want to talk to your catering service about beverages for your visitors. If your budget allows, you could provide an open bar for your guests. However make sure to ask your caterer, and the venue staff, if they have a license for serving alcohol. In Queensland for instance, it is prohibited to serve alcohol without a permit.


Your catering service will require a copy of your guest list to know how much food to order, and how many caterers to deploy for your function. You want an office catering experience that is enjoyable, joyful, and hassle-free.


There’s nothing worse than falling short of food or receiving poor service due to inadequate staff. Ensure that your catering or your venue hire service are sufficiently equipped to provide you with a sufficient number of waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and cleaning staff.


Following these tips will make organising office catering stress free and the costs will remain within your budget and most importantly, everyone will enjoy the food and feel appreciated that their dietary needs have been taken care of.
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