Does Office Catering in Sydney Make Good Business Sense?

Office Event Catering is all the rage nowadays. Office Catering businesses are getting a lot of exposure through social media networks, posting pictures of the food they deliver and serve to clients.


Should restaurants, coffee shops and other catering businesses consider jumping in on the bandwagon?


Is lunch or office party catering services a sound investment for your business?

News outlets like “The Daily Telegraph” report that the office lunch catering industry is attracting more investors across thousands of businesses in Australia and for good reasons. For one thing, it enables companies to control the “environment” in situations like say, an important business meeting. How is this so?


If you are a fan of any sporting event, then you are surely familiar with the word “home court advantage”. The same is true in business. Instead of dining a prospective client or arranging an important meeting at a restaurant, companies can host the event in the office. Businesses who choose this option will not have to worry about crowds, waiting times and other inconveniences normally associated with meetings organised at a public venue.


The practical benefits of investing in the best catering service

Office catering makes sound financial sense and as such that the practice is no longer limited to high technology companies like Google and Facebook. More businesses are also beginning to realise the convenience of catering for staff. Staff who feel appreciated stay longer with the organisation. In turn this reduces recruiting and training costs.


Employees tend to be happier with their job if they have catering in the office. Hence they are more likely to stay with the company, and this ultimately saves businesses a significant amount of money.
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