Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea IDEAS To Serve At Your Next Corporate Event

As the saying goes, “Good food brings people together and creates memorable moments.” In every event, the highlight is the satisfying feast after the main attraction. But, have you ever been to an event where the food was disappointing? It must have been saddening. Creating a memorable event requires a selection of fresh, delectable, and delicious food choices at your next corporate event.  

Having a business morning tea instead of a breakfast has the advantage of allowing you to serve a variety of finger foods and lighter selections. You don’t have to have the standard breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. You can combine classic and modern features with a variety of flavours, textures, and colours to create a genuinely unforgettable corporate morning tea. A lavish spread of delectable treats can be created during a morning tea event by combining finger snacks, sandwiches, gourmet wraps, savoury hot and cold platters, fruit, and cheese. Yes, these seem to be a lot to think about but don’t worry, we got your back!

To help you get inspired, we’ve compiled a list of distinct corporate morning & afternoon tea catering menus for you. With delicious cuisine and excellent service, our Sydney catering company will turn your next morning and afternoon tea event into a huge success.

Creative Morning & Afternoon Tea Catering Options for Corporate Events

Morning & Afternoon Tea Catering Options For Corporate Events - fruit platters at a corporate catering - square catering


An eye-catching fruit tray filled to the brim with seasonal, sliced fresh fruit is a vibrant and nutritious complement to your business morning tea. Try our Fruit platter, which consists of local seasonal fruit cut into bite-size shapes and are ready to eat when served. A fruit platter that is high in fibre and healthful is a great method to ensure that you are getting the necessary quantity of fruit. Now, to save you the hassle of picking the fruits yourself, we also have Fruit Skewer in our menu! To make it easier to eat, five fruits have been mixed into one stick. Whatever you choose, it will surely delight you!

Morning & Afternoon Tea Catering Options For Corporate Events - cakes and sweets for corporate catering menu - morning and afternoon tea menu - square catering


Without a few decadent pastries, what would a corporate morning tea be? Cakes and sweets are a great addition to corporate catered events when they are eaten in moderation. Our decadent treats are stuffed with favourites like cream, chocolate, and caramel. These sweets won’t be around for long at your business function.

Morning & Afternoon Tea Catering Options For Corporate Events - various small sweet tarts - morning and afternoon tea menu - square catering corporate catering


When you bite into a sweet and gooey caramel mini sweet tart, who can resist the moment of realisation that you’ve died and gone to heaven? The rich flavours of caramel, citron, lemon curd, passionfruit, cheesecake, and macadamia nut are available in our assortment of small sweet tarts. They are really tasty and really good. These tiny pastries are simply amazing.


More and more individuals are eating gluten-free food due to dietary and lifestyle choices. At Square Catering, we provide a fantastic selection of gluten-free morning tea alternatives and accommodate all dietary requirements. There are enough delectable goodies on our gluten-free desserts platter to satisfy any sweet taste. There are gluten-free options for gourmet wraps, sandwiches, and gluten-free bread. Having a gorgeous spread of gluten-free cuisine that includes seasonal, fresh produce will help your business morning tea succeed.


A croissant will provide your guests with the energy they need to last until lunch, as they might be feeling peckish by mid-morning. We provide you with a selection of mouthwatering savoury and sweet cookies and bread choices. Chocolate lovers will adore these tiny cake slices with luscious coating. My goodness! The plate of brownies will be devoured in a matter of minutes due to their outstanding quality. Delicious little fruit and sweet scones are delicious. Why not try our savoury danish platter as a savoury option? They are to die for!

Ready to start creating your perfect corporate morning or afternoon meeting?

Contact us today to discuss your morning and afternoon tea packages. Square Catering team understands that not every event is equipped with a table and chair, and in some events, the ability to socialise and build a network is crucial. Hence, we design our food to be practical for corporate events of all kinds.

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