5 Food Ideas For an Incredible Corporate Afternoon Tea

An afternoon spent in the office means “tea time”. The concept of afternoon tea transcends the mere act of dunking an Anzac biscuit into a cuppa. As a result of British colonisation, Australia was introduced to tea. Notably, tea was present aboard the First Fleet in 1788. Its British roots have significantly shaped modern Australian culture. With tea consumption and the tradition of morning and afternoon tea closely mirroring those of the British. 

Let’s go back in time for a little bit. Midday gatherings were a result of women getting tired of idling at home while men extended their lunch meetings. The Huffington Post attributes the inception of high tea to Duchess Anna of Bedford, who, afflicted by hunger during the wait for her evening repast, ingeniously devised the idea. In typical aristocratic fashion, she instructed her servants to deliver a tray laden with tea, cake, and bread and butter.

Afternoon tea’s charm lies in its versatility, from simple finger sandwiches to delicate pastries. It ranges from understated gatherings to grand high tea experiences. Achieving a successful corporate afternoon tea hinges on embracing understated elegance and simplicity.

To assist in orchestrating your impeccable corporate afternoon tea, we present a wide selection of menu items. Commencing with tarts, followed by scones, cakes and cupcakes, slices, muffins, hot buns and, naturally, a selection of fine teas.

Corporate Afternoon Tea Catering: 5 Unique Food Ideas For Corporate Gatherings


ACorporate Afternoon Tea food ideas - tarts for afternoon tea catering - choco tarts for afternoon tea - square cateringn assortment of petite tarts, each boasting a diverse range of flavours, is a favoured selection for corporate afternoon teas. These delectable treats feature a shallow-sided, pastry crust bottom with an open top, filled with an array of tempting fillings such as caramel, lemon curd, passionfruit meringue, raspberry cheesecake, and macadamia nut. Typically fruit or custard-based, our personal favourites include the indulgent chocolate tarts. Simply delightful!

P.S. Our Portuguese Tart is to die for!

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traditional corporate afternoon tea - afternoon tea food ideas - fancy cakes & cupcakes for afternoon tea catering - square cateringA classic conclusion to a traditional corporate afternoon tea comprises sweet treats, ranging from delicate cakes, cupcakes, slices to biscuits. The hallmark of a flawless afternoon cake lies in its irresistibly moist and sponge-like texture, coupled with a delicate and effortless eating experience. Large-sized confection or muffins are best reserved for other occasions, as afternoon tea calls for petite, bite-sized cakes, elegantly and simply presented for maximum enjoyment.

In our menu, we are delighted to showcase our platters that could cater big afternoon meetings with your clients or colleagues.

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The age-old question persists: should jam or cream grace the scone first? While Australians may not engage in the same fervent argument over the layering sequence of jam and cream, our fondness for homemade scones adorned with jam and whipped cream remains unwavering. Indeed, this timeless treat holds a cherished place in Australia’s afternoon tea traditions, with its fluffy, delicately light texture evoking comfort and rustic charm. Indulge your corporate afternoon tea guests with the delightful simplicity of homemade scones, served alongside jam and cream.

You can’t beat a classic plain scone served with Strawberry jam and Chantilly cream!


Finally, let us not overlook the essential component of your corporate afternoon tea. It would be deemed a royal faux pas to neglect the serving of tea. Despite Australians’ penchant for coffee, it’s time to diverge from English customs and offer both tea and coffee.

Get in touch with us today to discover how you can transform your upcoming corporate afternoon tea. Serving Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Macquarie Park and everywhere in between, Square Catering boasts a dedicated and hospitable team prepared to orchestrate your next corporate gathering with finesse. Call us at 94060-0100 today and book your next afternoon tea time event!

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