5 Healthy Catering Options For Your Next Corporate Event

It’s time to transform the way we handle corporate catering in a world full of fast meals and easy fixes. Our assortment of delicious and nutritious dishes is intended to encourage creativity, build relationships, and leave your visitors feeling invigorated and reenergized. Let’s look at this five special dietary catering alternatives from Square Catering to make sure your guests have a delicious and healthful meal.

5 Healthy Corporate Catering Options - square catering menu - healthy menu for corporate events

5 Healthy Corporate Catering Options

Fruit Platters

Fruit catering platters are a refreshing and healthful choice that Brisk Corporate Catering offers for any corporate event. These exquisitely prepared plates have a variety of in-season fruits that offer a taste explosion of their own natural flavours.

For their platters, Square Catering takes great care in sourcing the best and freshest fruits available. Every fruit, from delicious berries to juicy melons to crisp citrous fruits, is hand-picked to guarantee the best possible flavour and freshness. Your guests’ palates and eyes will be delighted by the Fruit catering platters.

A visually spectacular and delectable collection of seasonal fruits will wow your guests.

Gluten-Free Catering Option: Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea and Feta Salad

Square Catering offers a wide array of gluten-free catering menu but our Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea and Feta Salad is a must try! This tasty salad is made with consideration to satisfy gluten-sensitive people while still providing a wonderful meal.

A combination of healthy ingredients have been put together in a meal to provide a mouth-watering dish. You will surely can’t get enough!

Bite-Sized Delight: Rice Paper Rolls

The Rice Paper Rolls from Square Catering are a tasty, bite-sized treat that mixes flavour and freshness.

You have the option to choose between chicken, smoked salmon, or a vegetarian option combined with different vegetables. These are beautifully wrapped in a delicate rice paper wrapper.

Each bite is a taste explosion thanks to the marriage of aromatic herbs and crunchy veggies.

These rolls are a great addition to the catering for your business function, especially when served with our special dipping sauce.

Delectable Croissant

We are happy to provide our gluten-free and vegetarian patrons with a delicious selection of croissants stuffed with flavorful cheese and tomato, so they may enjoy the traditional pairing without worrying about their diets. 

For our vegan customers, we provide a delightful substitute that combines tomato and fresh avocado inside our airy croissants, tailored to their nutritional needs while enjoying a tasty treat. Our selection of croissants accommodates a wide range of palates and dietary requirements, so everyone can have a delicious experience with us. 

Whether it’s the revitalising taste of tomato and avocado or the soothing flavours of cheese and tomato, you can enjoy a flavourful experience with us.

Delicious Gluten-Free Desserts

From gluten-free brownies to vegan cupcakes and chocolate tarts, who says you can’t enjoy desserts when going for gluten-free or vegan dessert? Satisfy your sweet tooth on your next corporate catering. 

Square Catering has carefully curated each gluten-free dessert with careful consideration for each special dietary choice for customers.  Your guests will be impressed by the visually attractive and incredibly delicious surprise that is the end result.

Customised menu just for you

Because every corporate event is different and may require special dietary accommodations, Square Catering offers the flexibility of customised menus. Working with their team, you can design a unique catering experience that perfectly suits your requirements and tastes.

Always on time delivery of catering

For your upcoming corporate function in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Macquarie Park and everywhere in between, Square Catering is committed to provide wholesome and delectable catering solutions. We also offer a wide variety of customised options, including vegan and gluten-free options, fruit platters, and more, to guarantee that every guest has a filling and enjoyable meal. Contact us today at 9460 0100 or fill in the form to enquire!

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