Creative Ways to Incorporate Grazing Tables on your Next Corporate Event

Are you planning an upcoming corporate event or office function? If you want your gathering to look impressive, why not set up a grazing table as part of your catering menu? A grazing table for corporate events is a simple but effective means of enticing your guests and making their experience at your function a memorable one as well. 

A grazing table is similar to a buffet with the main intention of making food items more appealing and accessible to your guests. Food items can be set up in a long table, but they may also be served on large platters, wooden boards, grazing board, charcuterie board, or virtually any flat surface. The concept behind grazing tables is that you want everything displayed beautifully for guests to appreciate. These food items are arranged in artistic piles that spill, overlap, or intertwine into each other to make up a standard grazing table. 

The key is to make it both organised and chaotic at the same time. Grazing tables are a hit in corporate events because guests can eat and network at the same time. You can create a grazing table for your next corporate event on a budget.

In this article, we will teach you how to make a grazing table for your next office function. 

So, what makes a grazing table different from a buffet?

You will not find any tedious dish on a grazing table. Typically, grazing tables are filled with finger foods which makes it easy for guests while socializing. The food is also kept at room temperature which makes it all the more appealing your attendees. 

All of the food items found in grazing tables are known for being compact but flavourful. Small slices of cheese, sliced fruits, and charcuterie platters are typical of grazing tables for corporate events. You can mix it up a bit especially if you have a limited budget and theme in mind, You can include any food item that you want as long as they are not too tedious and complicated to eat and carry around the venue. Other common food items that you can find on a grazing table are breads, dips, condiments, spreads, crackers, biscuits, sliced veggies, and mini sandwiches. The food items that you can incorporate into your corporate grazing table are endless. 

Why should you prefer a grazing table for corporate events?

  • Easy to set up and easy to clean
  • You can spend more time networking amongst guests instead of topping up the grazing table 
  • Offers a full culinary experience to guests
  • Your guests will have the opportunity to taste a little bit of everything
  • It’s a good way to showcase your ability to create a beautiful and innovative layout 
  • Choose a theme

You can pick just about any theme under the sun. There is no limitation to what theme you can present using a grazing table. The theme however should complement your corporate event. For instance, if you are picking a theme for your company Christmas party, you want to include food items that are popular around the holidays. You may also decorate the grazing table with Christmas colours including red, green, and gold. Herbs and flowers are also simple but elegant decors to incorporate into your grazing table. A classic and timeless grazing table features a rustic, Mediterranean theme. Request for your catering team to prepare all serving platters, utensils, and decorations that fit your theme to the letter. 

Here are other fun themes that you may consider:

  • Fancy grazing table

Just think about all your grazing table favourites-finger foods that are always a hit in social functions. Accent your grazing table with fresh and colorful flowers, greenery, and props for w wonderful and enticing aesthetics. 

  • Dessert Grazing Table

 For corporate events, you can create a dessert grazing table that will finish off a wonderful meal for your guests. Sweet grazing tables can include a few pieces of cakes that you and your colleagues can feast on. Pastries, cupcakes, cookies, and jars filled with treats including candies and other confectionery are perfect additions to your dessert grazing table. 

  • Props and dishware are important

When choosing props and crockery for your grazing table, be on the safe side and choose platters, plates, and serving trays in neutral colours. You can utilise different types of dishware to present your food items on a grazing table. Do not forget to include fancy and durable utensils and silverware, so guests can easily serve themselves without contaminating the rest of the food items on the table. 

  • Include flowers, herbs, and lots of greenery

Whatever the theme is, your grazing table should include lots of fresh flowers and greenery. Grazing tables are an amazing conversation piece. Adding fresh flowers and greenery will surely attract your guests to eat what your grazing table has to offer. 

  • Pick quality food items

Use fresh, seasonal, and local produce to ensure quality in both aesthetics and taste. Your grazing table should feature a balance in flavours, colours, and textures. Pick fruits that are in season, locally-produced, organic cheeses, and artisanal break from a local shop. You should also include cured meats that are mainstays in cheese and meat boards including prosciutto, salamis, and roast some veggies to pair with these meats. 

Staple foods in grazing tables

  • Shaved meats 
  • Cheeses shaved or cut into small pieces
  • Bread dips and spreads
  • Crackers, fresh brads, and other dippable pastries
  • Olives, pickles, and other salted veggies or fruits
  • Desserts including pastries, tarts, and chocolates

You may also ask your colleagues to help in planning the food items that should be included on your grazing table. Incorporate their favourites, so your grazing table will look attractive and exciting for your guests. 

These are just some wonderful suggestions when planning the layout of your corporate event’s grazing table. You may also seek our recommendations if you are looking into adding a grazing table on top of the traditional catering menu. Call Square Catering today for any enquiries regarding our corporate catering packages. 

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