Top 7 Corporate Event Party Themes

A corporate event party themes is the first thing you need to think about when organizing your company’s upcoming event. A theme is a crucial element of a corporate event for several reasons.

First off, a theme guarantees a cohesive unit that will be crucial in the success of your event. The preparation for an event will largely depend on the central theme that you have formulated for your corporate event. Therefore, it’s crucial that a theme should reflect the goals and objectives that you want to accomplish during the event. A well-thought theme also showcases an event’s purpose and even functions as a brand ambassador of your company.

Finally, a themed corporate event can also help a company convey an important message to its guests through delicious food and good entertainment.

Whether you are organising a Christmas party for staff, launching a brand-new product or service, or a thanksgiving party for suppliers, clients, and investors, a theme will be a whimsical way of providing your guests an enjoyable experience at your corporate event.

Below are fresh and fun themes and ideas that will hopefully inspire your next corporate event.

  • Business “Festival”

Music festivals never go out of style and popularity. You can adapt this gathering to your next company event. If your company is launching new products or services or introducing a new brand to your clients, investors, and suppliers, a business festival will be an excellent way to showcase them more excitingly. You can fill the venue with food stands instead of the usual buffet table or sit-down dinner. A light and casual setting teeming with delicious food, drinks, and entertainment will surely pique the interest of your audience and get them to focus on your ideas, products, and services.

  • Kidult Event

Even adults want to have fun and unwind from time to time. Treat your colleagues, clients, and bosses to a kidult event that will let them regress to their younger selves even just for a few hours. This is a great corporate theme if you are celebrating a company’s milestone or if it is a gathering that centers on taking care of connections with the employees and clients, too. You can fill the program with games and sprinkle the venue with activities that relax, amuse, and thrill your guests.

  • Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is the best theme if you’re organising a team-building event for employees. Team members will work together to accomplish tasks or find a series of items that will lead them to the grand prize. You can set the scavenger hunt at an indoor venue, and even host one outdoors.

  • Masterclass Event

A masterclass event for your next corporate event is a great way to educate and inform your guests about a new product, service, or brand from your company. It is also an excellent theme that you can use during training among professionals working for and with your company. Masterclass events are interactive and are ideal if you are hosting a small event. You can host the event at your office’s conference or training room. Ideally, catering for a masterclass type of corporate event should include full-course meals, especially if they are going to be learning for an entire day.

  • Office Olympics

To make your next corporate event fun, vibrant, and full of energy, why not host an Office Olympics. We all love sports and a little bit of friendly competition. You can set up your version of the Olympics or a Sports Festival for the employees. Ideally, a sports or Olympic-themed event is set outdoors, so your guests will seriously look forward to attending the event.

Come up with fun and exciting games that will challenge the physical and mental skills of your employees. In this type of themed corporate event, you should serve finger foods or snacks that will energize your guests when participating during games.

  • Throwback-Themed Events

Corporate parties should be a venue for your staff, clients, and other guests to unwind and celebrate.

Organising a flashback party will take your guests back through the best decades, like the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Of course, you can choose the decade based on the age-range of your attendees so that everybody can have fun, and nobody will be left guessing about the references from your chosen decade.

Request your guests to come in their flashback or throwback costume, so they can fit in and truly enjoy the music, themes, and activities at the event.

The catering will be equally exciting since the menu will be focused on meals, snacks, and drinks that were famous during your chosen era or decade. At Square Catering, we can provide you with a flashback menu that not only fits the decade but also fits the budget, too.

  • Masquerade

A masquerade theme will be the best choice for a formal corporate event such as a ball, year-end party, or product launching. Many themes incorporate the use of masks, such as a Halloween masquerade, Disney-themed masquerade, Grecian-themed masquerade, Superheroes-themed masquerade, and Venetian-themed masquerade parties.

For this type of themed corporate event, a sit-down catering menu is ideal. Since your guests will be attending a formal event, you may choose to serve a full-course meal with wine and other cocktails, too.

Pointers when organising a themed corporate event

  • Inform your guest for full compliance. The success of your themed event will depend on how many of your guests show respect to your theme. If it is an exciting theme, the employees and other guests will turn up at your event in full costume.
  • Make sure that your event decoration matches the central theme. The type of décor should be consistent with your theme and well as the activities that you have in store for the guests.
  • Do not forget to match your theme with the catering menu. For all the troubles that your guests went through to show up in full costume, make sure that you present them with a well thought-off menu that also reflects your themed event.

If you want more theme suggestions, we can help you! Set up an appointment with us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you in planning your catering  for your company’s upcoming themed event!


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