Catering Services for Themed Events

When choosing theme for corporate events such as annual Christmas party, you need to plan ahead to make sure that your theme is not only fun but relevant, too. Choosing the right theme for your event, venue, and company culture is important when planning an event. You need to make sure that all are organised from the fundamental elements such as the venue, time, and catering services. Your goal is to organise a party that delivers convenience and enjoyment to your guests. Thus, catering services for themed events is very crucial.

Why should there be a theme for your next corporate event?

One of the first questions prior to obtaining catering services is, “what is our theme?”. In essence, a theme is the central concept of an event that is incorporated all throughout the event; from visual design, dress code, the length of the program, food, beverages, etc. Without a theme, a corporate event will not be as special for those gathered at your event. With this in mind, it is crucial to identify the theme of your corporate event. You want to impress not only the management but most importantly, your guests.

A theme directs the flow and is considered the blueprint of your corporate event. It sets the mood and the tone of all activities that will transpire during a party, including guests. Simply put, your theme will add the much-needed fuel for your party.

Following your event theme, it is also important to decide what type of catering services will best suit your event. Here are some ideas on how you can integrate catering services into your themed corporate event.

Creative Catering Services for Themed Events

You need to look for a catering company that specializes in themed-corporate events. It’s not easy to come up with a fun and satisfying menu for private functions, team lunches, and major corporate parties, so the expertise of a caterer should be taken into serious consideration.

Each event requires different setups, venues, and décor, so make sure that your menu is compatible. The right catering will complete the theme and make the gathering more memorable for your guests. Besides the venue decor, your attendees can also be served dishes and drinks that emphasize the theme.

For instance, if you want to set up a vineyard-themed luncheon, instead of spending a large sum of your budget on the decoration, you can ask your caterer to find inspirations from the venue and translate the theme through the selection of wines and cocktails. Your caterer may also come up with cheese and meat boards, as well as finger foods that can complement the wine selection that you have at the bar.

As catering companies are always looking for ways to be more creative with their offering, clients like you are not limited to a buffet-style catering or a sit-down dinner. The presentation of food and drinks is also one way of how you can integrate the theme to your event.

  • Outdoor Barbecue Party

Australians love their barbecue. And what better way to celebrate a corporate event than to integrate this delicious and fun activity for your guests. A barbecue-themed party creates a more laid-back atmosphere. The dress code is casual, so you know employees and other guests will not have a hard time looking for clothes to wear.

For team building events, this is the perfect theme. Employees let their hair down while they network across the company. The nice thing about an outdoor barbecue party is that it doesn’t feel like a corporate event at all.

You can set-up the event at any park or any outdoor space. Outdoor options are typically cheaper to rent than indoor venues, too. Make sure to connect with a supplier of white tents, picnic tables, flowers, and balloons. Utilise no-fuzz decorations so you don’t end up with a large pile of litter at the end of the event.

In terms of catering service, all food items selected for the event should taste good when grilled. For instance, you can serve burgers, sausages, potato salad, corn on the cob, and grilled meats to your guests. Beverage selection will be simple too. You can serve the guests with ice cold beer, fresh cocktails, and some lemonade.

  • Carnival-Themed Corporate Event

If you want to set up a corporate event that all your guests will truly remember, throw a carnival-inspired party. Between the food, activities, and décor, you are sure to come up with an event that will be talked about for quite a while

Between the performers, activities, and out-of-the-box decor, you’ll create an event that really sets itself apart.

Food: Bring in classic fair food like hot dogs, funnel cakes, and elephant ears. If you want to be a little more sophisticated, you can put an upscale twist on those traditional foods. For example, serve turkey corn dogs and fries with vindaloo ketchup.

Beverages: No need to overthink int: Beer, cider, and a carnival-themed drink will do the trick.

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