Make Arrangements for Corporate Catering in Sydney with Ease

Are you looking to host an upcoming business event and keen on making the necessary arrangements? Well, a significant part of that includes hiring corporate caterers in North Shore Sydney in which you would do well to exercise care.


Most people do not realise it, but the quality of catering service offered can make or break any corporate event. Think about it – what impression would it give people if the food was served late during product launching or press conference? It is bound to create a wrong impression of your business and does not exactly inspire confidence now does it?


What to expect out of a good service provider for corporate function catering?

Now you will find that most corporate caters already have a menu worked out and that you simply have to choose from them. However, it is a good idea to work with someone open to doing some “tweaking” if only to make sure you serve excellent food choices during the occasion.


First thing’s first – you need to consider the number of people attending the occasion and work out a menu accordingly. Your caterer can help you choose food items that are well suited to the occasion. After all, a menu for a boardroom lunch meeting is probably not the best fit when you are making arrangements for cocktail party catering.


Your options in office or corporate party catering

A big part that will largely determine how your catering services will pan out is the time of the day when the said business event is scheduled. If you are holding an important breakfast meeting, then an ample serving of cereals is in order. You would also do well to include delicious pastries and cold drinks or coffee. For the health conscious, a serving of fresh fruits and yoghurt would make a delectable treat.


What about lunch catering? Well, a healthy serving of salad is always a welcome sight along with a good serving of meat dishes. Your caterer can also serve out fruits and tasty veggie dips. To top it off, you can serve cake and ice cream for dessert which should lighten up the mood in mid day. Of course, you would want to offer something for vegetarians as well. A few vegetable dishes and lights serving of chicken would do nicely.
Need professional help working out a menu for a major corporate event? We at “Square Catering” would be happy to help! Call us today on 02 9460 0100 and speak with our corporate catering experts.

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