Advice on Getting Office Catering in Sydney

Are you in the market for corporate catering services to help you serve good food in the office? Perhaps it is a way of breaking the ice in the middle of a boardroom meeting or a reward for all the hard work everyone has been doing? In any case, you would want to work with a catering company that is reliable, serves good food and offer excellent value for your money. So how do you go about doing just that?

In this piece, we will tackle a few important things that you would want to look out for when choosing a service provider for office function catering in Sydney. Lay out the most relevant concerns on the table, and you are bound to find a caterer that perfectly fit your requirements.


Important factors to consider when choosing a service provider for office breakfast or lunch catering

Choose a business that specialises in office catering

There are many caterers out there, and they can tackle different things like wedding receptions, birthday parties and such. Your needs in lunch or breakfast catering in the office are different from the latter. Hence it is a good idea to work with caterers that have ample experience catering to offices like yours.


Ask for references

Perhaps the most important quality to look out for when deciding on a service provider for boardroom lunch catering is dependability. You have got to be able to rely on them to deliver and serve the food as scheduled.

Any delays can cause disruption in the office and adds stress to an already fast-paced working environment. Hence you would want to work with a caterer with a strong reputation for showing up on time and serve delicious meals in the office. A foolproof way of doing this is to just ask for references of previous clients that have recently engaged their service. An excellent caterer should have no difficulty producing said references.


Clarify total cost

A reputable office caterer should have made their pricing abundantly clear. Most of them charge on a per-person basis, but there may be add-on fees not mentioned like delivery costs, service charge, clean up fees and the like. In any case, speak with your prospective caterer about the matter if only to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way.


Let them help you work out a menu

When catering to an office,  you would want to offer enough variety to please everyone. Many caterers use packages that feature a selection of different meal choices. Take the lunch box for instance, which some catering services provide 10 or more varieties of food choices. It lets you make certain that even the pickiest of eaters will get something they can enjoy.

To make the catering experience easier for everyone, you can have your caterer recommend a menu. Take advantage of their expertise; a good office caterer will have plenty of experience choosing food items that offer something for everyone in the office.


Get started with an excellent service provider for corporate catering in North Sydney

Make sure you go through the factors mentioned above, and you are well on your way on bringing an excellent dining experience in the workplace. It is not that complicated – just make certain that your caterer has experience, used to catering in the office and that the rates are evident.


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