Here are the Top 5 Questions you Need to Ask a Prospective Caterer for your Event

So, this is your first time to plan an event for the company you are working for. Make your first event successful and memorable for your guests by getting the food catering aspect right. Thus getting an experienced corporate caterers.

The first thing that you need to prepare before setting an appointment with a catering company is a list of questions. The questions should answer all the concerns that you have about their catering service. Their response to your question will help you determine their reliability as a corporate caterer to your upcoming event.

Here are 5 questions that you should ask experienced corporate caterers during the interview process. This will narrow your choices to caterers with ability, experience,and skill to provide you with excellent food and service.

1. Do you offer an adequate selection of menu choices for people with dietary restrictions?

Dietary restrictions are a growing concern among many event planners. Guests have varying dietary requirements and nutritional needs, so it is important that menus are planned accordingly.

It is insensitive and inconsiderate for a company to invite guests without thinking about the nourishment they will be provided during the event. After all, your guests will be preparing for your event. You need to ensure that your company offers tasty food, as well as dietary restrictions-friendly options.

A catering company should have a list of optional menus for people that have dietary restrictions as a result of food hypersensitivity issues, existing medical conditions, or religious belief. A reliable catering company will have this prepared on the side in case potential clients ask for a special set of dishes during their event. 

2. Do you offer themed menus?

Corporate events don’t always call for special menus, unless it is an extra special event with VIPs on board. However, most corporate events these days have themes. It is therefore important to find a catering company that can plan a menu based on your theme. Day-long conferences and office seminars become more fun for guests when they are served with foods that match the theme of the event. 

3. May I have a list of your past and present clients for reference?

This is an important question that all planners need to ask caterers. Whether you are planning a small-scale conference at the office or a grand corporate event that will be attended by employees, clients, and executives, you need to make sure that you are partnering with a company with your success in mind. 

Catering companies with outstanding reputation in the community will not hesitate to provide you with a list of their current and past clients. Once you get a hold of these companies, you may proceed to ask about their experience dealing with the caterer, ranging from preparation of menu, cost of catering service, to the customer service that was provided during the event. Their responses will help you determine if they are a reliable company and if they are working with your best interest in mind. 

It’s also recommended to check online reviews of the caterers you wish to work with. Online reviews especially on online forums are unbiased and created by actual individuals. In this way, you are sure that you are getting both good and bad reviews about the catering company you are most likely to obtain corporate catering services from. 

4. Can you provide us with wait staff, chairs, tables, linen, and other catering-related equipment for the event?

All these are additional costs that you need to think about when managing your budget. Some catering companies offer the whole nine yards- from catering, wait staff, and linen ware, while some focus their expertise in providing catering menus only. If you choose to work with a company that offers purely catering menus, you need to look for suppliers for tables, linens, and wait staff separately. 

5. Do you have past experience serving an event similar to ours?

It is important to ask whether the caterer has a successful history and experience catering to your specific corporate event. If you work with a catering company that specialises in corporate events, they will find it easy to prepare food for large groups of people in a variety of settings, including all-day conferences and ballroom events for hundreds of people. 

Experienced corporate caterers are adept to addressing the needs of guests who commonly attend corporate functions hence they can offer you with a wide selection of menu for different types of events. 

It is also imperative to check the track record and reputation of your preferred caterer in the industry. Ask around and check with other partner companies or offices if they’ve employed the services of the caterer you are planning to hire for your event. 

You may customize and include additional questions during the interview process. Just make sure to check all bases before you agree and sign a contract with a catering company. 

Square Catering has earned a positive reputation in the corporate catering service industry. With years of experience, skilled staff, and exceptional customer service, rest assured that all of your catering needs are met and well within budget. If you want to learn more about our services or if you wish to request a quote or appointment for your next event, call us on our direct line today. 


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