5 Inspiring Buffet Themes for your Next Corporate Event

Corporate parties are a great way for keyholders to show appreciation and gratitude for their employees’ hard work. Everyone loves to party, and a party wouldn’t be called as such without delicious food and inspiring décor. 

Corporate parties usually take place on company anniversaries to celebrate achievements through the year. Also, recognizing outstanding employees who have demonstrated excellent service and loyatly to the business. When planning a corporate party these days, it’s not uncommon that most of these gatherings come with a theme.

If you were tasked to organise a party for your colleagues and the rest of your company, you need to come up with a theme. Following the selection of a theme by the event committee, choosing a venue that can accommodate your theme is necessary. Many spaces in Sydney offer spaces where companies can host themed parties with minimal restrictions, so this is one of the less stressful things when planning your event. 

One crucial factor is finding a catering company with the flexibility to accommodate your themed corporate event. There are caterers that are strictly formal, which means they only offer a simple and straightforward menu. Regardless of the theme of the corporate event they are catering for. While this is acceptable, you can always add a little bit of excitement and fun to your corporate party if the food matches with the décor and theme, too. 

Here are examples of corporate party themed events that your catering company should look at during the planning stage of the menu. 5 Inspiring Buffet Themes.

  • Alpine Chalet Theme

Take the snowy mountains this upcoming winter season with an Alpine Chalet theme. You can use rustic decors to warm up the venue and make it feel like a chalet up in the Alps. Ideally, this party should be held in the evening partnered with a relaxing sit-down dinner for your guests. 

To achieve a rural vibe to the interior space, pick wooden tables and lay flickering candles, sprigs of evergreen, and snowberries to create a festive feel for guests. Warm lighting should do the trick in establishing the memories of cool afternoons spent on the slopes, coupled with the merriment and gleeful spirit after a day of skiing down the snowy Alps. 

After a nourishing dinner under the starry night sky, why not treat your guests with post-dinner marshmallow roasting over an open fire surrounded by wooden chairs embellished with faux fur throws for that much-needed warmth. 

  • Winter Wonderland Theme

A winter wonderland theme is always a great choice if you want your corporate party to match the upcoming winter season. This traditional winter theme is usually translated in fine white décor made from white linens with touches of gold and silver in various corners of the venue. You may also spruce up the venue with bevelled crystal décor sprinkled with icy blue tones throughout with the help of special lighting effects over the venue. 

Treat your guests with a dramatic entrance featuring an awe-inspiring archway framed in white-coloured twig dripping with crystal snowflakes coated with powdered snow. If you have the extra budget, renting out a snow and fog machine will set the tone for a wonderful winter wonderland for your guests. 

Catering menu may include refreshing nitro-infused cocktails, cold appetizers, and warm roasted meats and delicious sides for a memorable buffet spread. For a traditional winter wonderland setup, choose crisp white linens and elegant chair covers accented with silver sashes. Compliment your table settings with silver cutlery and candelabra centrepieces. 

  • Beach Party

Everyone loves a beach themed party, especially when the weather is starting to get warm and the colours of nature are vibrant and bright. Bring the fun and excitement of summer to your corporate party by decorating the venue with palm trees, pool toys, and colourful marine life. Install lifeguard towers on the corners, as well as tiki hut bars, and decorative tropical birds will complete your beach themed corporate party. 

For the catering menu, you may start with summer appetisers, consisting of light food items such as fresh fruits and salads. You can start a little smokeless barbeque for meats as part of the menu, shrimp cocktails, and of course, enough summer cocktails to go around for guests to enjoy. 

If your venue is at the beach, festoon lights create a magical feel, and dining areas can be improvised by digging from the sand itself. This will make the party interactive and memorable for many of your guests. 

  • Experience-Themed Events

Experiential themed events are functions that integrate sensory elements to create a fun and unforgettable experience for your guests. Create an experience that evokes a variety of sensations, memories, and emotional responses that will help in engaging and establishing connections to your company or brand. 

Narratives that evoke nostalgia or relatable moments will connect consumers to your company’s brand. And when the stories come to life in the form of smells, sights, and feelings delivered in the real world, your guests will be in for a fun and immersive corporate party. 

Create an experience rich-event that all your guests will easily relate to. You need loads of creativity and heavy planning to make this event a success. You need to identify your goals and understand the vision so that it works well with the experience that you want to recreate. 

During this event, you can build interactive kiosks where guests can engage in hands-on activities. Engage your guests with powerful visuals, dramatic lighting, and large format video screens for presentation. 

In terms of menu catering, check in with your caterer if they can come up with artistic dishes and beverages that align your experience-rich theme. 

If you want to hear more interesting and fun corporate theme ideas, you may call us on our direct line today. Here at Square Catering, it is our commitment to provide you with a quality and tasty menu that aligned with your corporate catering theme at package rates that are within your budget. 

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