What You Need to Know about Office Catering in Sydney

office staff enjoying corporate catering in SydneyHosting a corporate event or function in the office almost always requires a great amount of planning. What’s really important is choosing a service provider for
corporate catering in Sydney with utmost care. It helps to know exactly what to look out for if only to make sure the company gets every bit of it’s money’s worth.

If you’ve already made a catering request to professional caterers, you’ve probably found that they have prepared menus which they can serve based on what has been popular with previous clientèle. Still, it’s a good idea to involve yourself in planning the menu as much as possible if you are to offer your guests excellent food choices during the event.

Not just any catering company will do

A common mistake most people tend to make when hiring a catering service is that they opt for the first one they come across or whoever offers the cheapest rates. If your corporate event is to be successful, there are several factors which need to be considered — the number of people attending the event, the kinds of food you plan to serve and the time when food is to be served to your guests.

It’s important to pick a catering service provider most suitable for your corporate event. You may know of wedding catering companies that have been around for years. However, they may not have much experience in providing catering services for business occasions. This would make them unsuitable for corporate events as they most likely lack the knowledge and skills of catering to people in a business setting.

Planning a menu for corporate events catering

An important factor that you need to consider is the type of menu you’ll be serving to your guests. This would depend on the number of guests and the time food is to be served. For a breakfast meeting, you can have caterers serve out cereals in fancy dispensers along with fresh milk. Make sure to include items such as scones, cupcakes and biscuits as well as ample serving of jams. These are popular items which guests expect to be served.

For a dinner function, you’ve got a lot more food options available. Your caterer can serve a buffet party offering different kinds of meat and a selection of side dishes. Be sure to offer a little bit of something for everyone; vegans would appreciate a nice selection of fruit and vegetable salads and gluten-free side dishes. Complete the culinary experience with a selection of dessert items.

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