Mini Pastry Basket – 3 pieces of assorted Danishes per serve


A selection of assorted Danishes including fruit Danish,cinnamon swirls and more


Serve your guests a truly delicious pastry experience with our selection of creamy, puffy cocktail Danish platter. Perfect for breakfast functions or morning tea and set the day off to a good start.

Our mini Danishes come glazed and sweetly baked golden brown to perfection for a rich butter pastry goodness that is sure to satisfy the taste and breakfast preferences of your guests.

Signature options for our flaky puff pastry Danish cocktail include cinnamon twirl, fruit medley, sweet berries, chocolate-filled Danishes and much more.  Each serving comes with an assortment of flavours that offer plenty of variety for your morning taste buds. Best served with coffee, tea or fresh fruit juices.

Some choice ingredients for our Danish cocktail platter include milk, eggs, soybeans, flour (gluten free optional), sugar, vanilla and butter

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