Food catering services are not only limited for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, but may also be used for office luncheons. Food service providers in North Sydney have the skills and capabilities to deliver quality and tasty food items for large  corporate events or even small-events such as office lunches.


Due to the variety of needs when it comes to food catering in North Sydney, it is essential that clients know which type of catering will suit their event or occasion.


Industrial Catering Services


For large numbers of people or guests, you will need to obtain the services of industrial caterers in North Sydney. Companies that provide industrial catering are often the same ones that serve cafeterias, hospitals and schools to name a few. One of the unique features of this type of catering service is that clients should be willing to commit to obtain industrial catering services for the long-term. There are biddings every year or every six months between industrial catering companies seeking to get the contract from prospective clients.


Special Events Services


Special events catering services are those that you usually see at weddings, funerals or birthday parties. The food they serve will largely depend on the personal preferences of clients. The distinct characteristic of a special events catering service companies is that they also provide the aesthetic component in the presentation of the food. Most special events catering companies also render design and planning assistance for special events, thus making the job of clients easier altogether.


Business Catering


If you are looking for corporate catering companies in North Sydney, look for one that specialises in business catering. The type of food varies from buffet style catering to boxed meals for office lunches and similar workplace events such as seminars or symposiums among other things.
Now that you have a clearer picture of the different types of catering service in North Sydney, you can now narrow down your choice to companies that focus on delivering lunch catering services. If you need assistance, you may visit us here or call us on                   02 9460 0100 today.