When planning a corporate event one of the important tasks is hiring a reliable corporate catering company in Sydney.


Here are five questions you should ask to get valuable insights to help you decide which catering delivery service in Sydney you should choose.



  • Who should I talk to in the corporate catering company in Sydney?



If you decide to schedule a meeting with a corporate catering company, you will need to know who you are meeting with. Are you meeting with the owner? Are you going to be speaking with the manager? Or the marketing personnel? Meeting in person is always best as speaking face to face will make it easier for you to ask more questions than asking questions over the phone or via email.


It’s also recommended to identify your primary contact person. This will help you in communicating your needs directly as well as getting a quick response if you need assistance or have more questions in mind.



  • What are the lunch catering menus on offer?



Corporate office lunch catering may seem simple to set up, but there are a lot of activities and tasks that go behind making it a success. You need to make sure that a caterer has a wide selection of food items for lunch sets or meals. You can either choose between an intricate buffet style catering or sit-down office catering for your event.


A corporate caterer should also be flexible enough to accommodate any changes or preferences a client may have.



  • How much do your catering services cost?



Most corporate caterers charge on a “per head” basis. If this is the case, a lunch catering service should be able to breakdown the inclusions of their “per head” or package rates. Bear in mind that a per head rate should not only include the cost for the food and beverages, but also other services that a catering company offers. The last thing that you want is to be surprised with extra costs or charges that are added after signing the contract.
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