Whether your company is celebrating a momentous milestone or holding a simple gathering for an executive lunch, choosing the right corporate catering company is a must. It is important to select the best catering company in Sydney if your goal is to impress your guests as well as employers.


When looking for a catering company, here are things you need to consider:



  • What is the occasion?



The type and volume of food served in a corporate event will depend on the event to be held. Are you holding a lunch for employees or a black-tie event for suppliers and clients? A buffet catering service in Sydney may be most appropriate for office breakfasts and luncheons. For formal dinners you should seriously consider gourmet caterers.



  • What time is the your corporate or office event?



Finding out the time of the event helps event catering companies in Sydney to plan an appropriate menu. If you are planning to hire a corporate catering company to serve breakfast for your staff meeting, light food are recommended. On the other hand, if you are treating your employees to a luncheon at the office, catering companies usually serve heavier meals such as roasted chicken, pasta and sandwiches.



  • Are there any dietary requirements for guests and attendees?



Before you start collaboration with a buffet catering company, it’s ideal to identify any dietary restrictions of those who are expected to attend the event or occasion. To ensure that all your guests are satisfied and comfortable with the food, it’s always best to ask them before planning the menu.


You may choose from organic, vegan, gluten-free menu plans among many others. The best buffet catering company is flexible enough to change the menu based on your identified dietary requirements and/or restrictions.
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