The Most Delicious Food Items to Include In your Lunch Catering Sydney

Lunch Catering Sydney. Creating a corporate lunch menu is a daunting task. You may need the assistance of an expert corporate catering company in Sydney if this isn’t your forte.

Seeking the services of lunch catering experts will ease the stress of creating a menu for a large group of people. Plus you are guaranteed to have the best lunch spread which will satisfy all your co-workers and superiors.


Here are some food item recommendations to include in your lunch catering menu:


  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Now who doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich? It is a simple and yet delectable dish that everybody will surely love. If you want the grilled cheese sandwich to be more satisfying, you may request to make it gourmet. The gourmet version can include add-ons such as bacon, spicy mustard, and exquisite cheeses including provolone, Gouda, and Swiss. The combination of flavours for a grilled cheese sandwich is endless. Vegans and those unable to consume dairy products can be served non-dairy grilled cheese sandwich options.


  • Gourmet Chicken

You can never go wrong when you serve a plate of hot chicken to your lunch attendees. Baked or roasted chicken with secret spice blends are delicious options which will be consumed in no time.


  • Tacos

Tacos filled with ground meats, salsa, sour cream and cheese are also ideal for lunch catering at the office. They are hearty and feature important food groups which will not only satisfy  food craving, but also energise everyone for a busy day ahead.


  • BBQ

There is no other dish that will engage your guests and colleagues more than racks of barbecue on the buffet table. It’s one of the best food items that you can serve during corporate lunch gatherings as it can be easily combined with rice, corn, coleslaw, cheese, and steamed veggies.


By bringing these food items to your next corporate lunch gathering with the help of a seasoned lunch catering company in Sydney, your event will surely be a success. For any enquiries call us now on 02 9460 0100 today.

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