Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Service Provider for Corporate and Office Catering

Are you looking to hire a catering company for an upcoming corporate or office event? Choosing the right caterer can be difficult and more so if you are clueless about what to look out for in the market.  If that sounds a lot like you then there’s no need to fret; you are not alone and it helps to know a few important things when dealing with any caterer.

It goes without saying that you would want a corporate caterer that is fair, reliable and of course,  offers a tasty and satisfying experience for your guests. Make it a point to ask the right questions and you would be in a much better position to do just that. So what exactly are these inquiries?


A few must-ask questions for office and function catering in Sydney


Do you specialise in corporate catering?

Whether you need a caterer for an early breakfast meeting or boardroom lunch catering in Sydney, it is important that you entrust your needs to people that know what they are doing.

What most people do not realise is that caterers can specialise in different things – birthday parties, weddings and office catering just to mention a few. Caterers that have built most of their reputation handling birthday parties may not be the best fit for say, a product launching or other important corporate events. Corporate catering has requirements that are different from that of say, private lunch catering. It would be good to know what kind of service provider you are looking for to make sure they are able to meet said demands in the past and well into the future.


Any of your past clients recommend your service?

It might seem like a rude question to ask, but it is important that you choose a caterer that is not the least bothered by it. Hence you would certainly want to ask your caterer for references that you could follow up on so to make sure that they are up to the task. An excellent corporate catering company with a stellar reputation would only be so happy to provide you references, eager to show you that they are an excellent choice of service provider amid the influx of catering service providers in the market.


How much will it cost?

Just as it is with any other service provider, one thing that you would want to clarify is the total price of the catering service on offer. Such information is crucial especially if you are working with a relatively limited budget.

In most cases, catering companies charge on a per person basis, but there may be extra charges involved that you may not have considered. Such costs typically include catering and service charges and may drive up total cost which is why it’s something that you should clarify first with your caterer.


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