Gourmet Sandwich

Our gourmet sandwiches are made freshly every morning using different breads (white, multigrain, wholemeal &  rye)

Every day we use 6 different fillings including Ham, grilled chicken, chicken schnitzel, smoked salmon, turkey, roast beef, pastrami, salami, prosciutto,vegetarian and more, we daily rotate  sauces and spread on breads, and we provide a good variety for each order. The sandwiches are cut in triangles and served in platters.


1 sandwich will be just enough for a person, therefore we recommend ordering 1.5 per person.

  • For 5 people, we recommend to order 8 sandwiches
  • For 10 people= 15 Sandwiches
  • For 20 people = 30 Sandwiches

For orders over 10 sandwiches we include 10% vegetarian.

Traditional fillings are also available (please mention at the time of ordering).

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