Boardroom Basket (min order for 10 people)

  • boardroom basket

The boardroom basket  includes an assortment of  Sandwiches, Wraps, Turkish pide, Baguettes & Baby buns with a various types of gourmet fillings to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Please follow the guidelines below:

1 Boardroom basket serves 1 person- Each person will get 1.5 serve per person.

  • For 10 people you will have to order 10x Boardroom Baskets (4x gourmet sandwiches, 2 wraps, 4x Turkish, 1x baguette, 6x baby buns)
  • For 15 people you will have to order 15x Boardroom baskets ( 6x gourmet sandwiches, 4 wraps, 4x Turkish, 2x Baguettes, 10xbaby buns)
  • For 20 people you will have to order 20x Boardroom basket  etc etc
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