Afternoon Teas

Chocolate brownie Gluten, Dairy & Nut free

Brownie platter served with  fresh cream and strawberries garnish

Large selection of homemade cookies including pistachio almond, chocolate chips, honey cookie, coffee almond, ginger cookie and more.

Assorted Danishes inc fruit Danish,cinnamon swirls and more

2 per serve Package includes: Gluten free Mini muffin (1) Fruit Skewer (1)

2 per serve Package includes: Mini muffin (1) Fruit Skewer (1)

Delicious gluten free mini muffins.

Package includes an assorted flavour mini muffin, a mini scone and a cocktail danish.

Selection of seasonal fruits on a skewer


Mini Muffin

Delicious mini muffins with many assorted flavours incl chocolate, blueberry, orange, poppy-seed and many more.

Large selection of homemade cookies including  chocolate chips, honey cookies,  ginger cookies and more.

Chocolate brownie

Large selection of homemade slice triangles incl honey & almond, vanilla slice, Florentine & many more.

Assorted Danishes inc fruit Danish,cinnamon swirls and more

cocktail bagel with cream cheese

Mini Bagel filled with ham, Swiss cheese and tomato; smoked salmon capers & cream cheese; Turkey & cranberry

Assorted flavours incl chocolate, banana, blueberry and many more.

Plain or fruit mini scone served with fresh cream and jam.

A selection of tarts, zuccherati and cannoli. Small (12 pc.) $50.00 Medium (18 pcs.) $75.00 Large (24 pcs.) $99.00

Banana bread or pear and raspberry bread served with butter.



Choice of chocolate or vanilla filiings



Italian Donut filled with custard

Large selection of continental cakes and tarts incl baked ricotta tart, chocolate mud cakes, fruit and custard tarts, lemon tarts, lemon cheese, strawberry cheese and many more.




Flavors include passion fruit, lime, blueberry, almond & more.

Portuguese tart

Delicious mini wholemeal muffins.

2 per serve Package includes: Mini wholemeal muffin (1) “Healthy Option” (1) Please select one of the “Healthy options” : Small Fruit Salad (1) or Muesli Yoghurt Pot (1)

2 per serve – package includes: assorted cocktail Danish (1) and mini chocolate croissant (1)

Savory Cocktail Croissant (Ham & Cheese or Cheese & Tomato) (1), Mini Muffin (1), Assorted Cocktail Danish (1)

2 per serve Package includes: Breakfast Wrap(1) Fruit skewer (1)

Fried Egg & Bacon on a Baguette

Crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato on a freshly baked baby bun

ham & cheese or cheese & tomato cocktail croissant