How Much Food to Get for A Catering Function?

a food catering function by square catering Australia

Are you wondering about how much food you should get for an upcoming occasion? It depends on several factors – the kind of event that you’re catering to, time and the kind of food you’re looking to serve your guests. If money was no object then you won’t have to worry about such things. Unfortunately that is not the case for most people on a budget.

Here are a couple of things that you might want to look out for when dealing with catering services in North Sydney

Your guests

If you know the exact number of guests that you’ll be having then you’ll want to start with approximately 700 grams of food per person. It’s a generous estimate and more than sufficient in most cases. You’ll then want to divide this amount with the items on the menu. Think about which dish your guests will probably consume the most – main dishes often get eaten the most, compared to side dishes.

Divide this amount among the various dishes you will be making, taking into account whether someone else will be preparing some of the food. Assess which menu items people are likely to eat in the largest quantities. People generally take more of the main dishes and less of the side dishes.


When will the event take place and what time of the year is it? These are factors that you would want to consider as well. Your guests will tend to eat more during meal times as opposed to scheduling the event in between meals. People also tend to eat more during dinner compared to breakfast or lunch. Guests also tend to eat less on warm summer days.

What kind of event are you catering to?

Yet another factor that you would want to consider in estimating food amount is the type of occasion. This is because people often eat more during a relaxed a comfortable event with friends and family. Business events on the other hand are a different story as guests often try to restrain their appetites in an effort to impress others.

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