How to Create the Best Catering Packages for your North Sydney Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event for your North Sydney office, the first thing that you need to think about is food. If you need to arrange catering for your next office event despite not having any culinary experience, you will need to hire a North Sydney catering company to ensure the event is successful.

Catering service is an important part of any corporate event. Whether you are looking at breakfast catering service for early staff meetings or a grand buffet catering for your company’s anniversary celebration, you need to obtain the services of a reputed catering company with several years of experience.

The Perfect Catering Packages for All Occasions

It can be challenging to choose the best catering packages for different corporate events. Feeding a large group of people isn’t something that we do on daily basis, so it can be extremely difficult to know which ones are the best for upcoming events at the office. Here are some important pointers to consider when planning corporate catering for your North Sydney office.

Customise the full menu for your event

Choose a corporate catering company that offers flexibility in the creation of menus for your event. Flexibility is one of the most important factors when dealing with a catering company. A fully customisable menu means that you can control the types of food items and dishes that are to be served to your guests. With flexibility comes the freedom to create a full menu based on the preferences and inputs from employees and employers.

Choose the style of catering packages

In choosing an office catering company, it is important to consider the type of meals they will serve. For example, if you are holding an event in the morning, a breakfast catering package consisting of breakfast staples are recommended. For a more relaxed midday corporate event, you can choose catering packages that serve plated lunch or finger food and snacks..

Check other dietary considerations before creating a full menu

Before coming up with a full menu, you need to check dietary preferences of invited guests. Food allergies and special dietary preferences of guests can make choosing catering packages a bit of a challenge. Before formulating a menu with the caterer, we highly encourage you to send out a survey to those who will be attending the event. This will give you a clear picture of their dietary needs.

Planning your next corporate event shouldn’t be hard at all and we can help you every step of the way. Click here to check out our sample menu and catering packages for different types of events. Feel free to reach us on 02 9460 0100 for any enquiries.

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