Here are 8 Delectable Food Station Catering Ideas for your Next Corporate Catering Event

Setting up a food station at your corporate event is a great way to give your guests an unforgettable experience. If your venue choice has limited floor space or if you want to showcase a more diverse catering menu to your guests, food stations are definitely the best way to go. Food stations are similar to buffet tables, but more compact and take up less space. There are many ways on how you can present food items and special dishes using diffrent food station catering ideas. And the good news is that you can create mouth-watering food stations on a limited budget. 

Here are some interesting food station catering ideas that you may want to incorporate at your next office party or corporate event. 

  • Cultural Food Stations

Companies often want to celebrate their diversity at their corporate parties with foods that showcase the backgrounds of the employees. Choose cuisines that your guests will appreciate. If you are honoring a certain person in your company, make his/her tradition an inspiration to your catering menu.

  • Taco Bar

Who doesn’t like tacos? It’s delicious and definitely fun to make. You can make the dining experience at your corporate event more fun by creating a taco making food station. This is ideal for casual or semi-formal events that do not require your guests to be in formal attire. Taco making is messy, so make sure your guests are dressed comfortably without worrying about getting dirty. Put taco ingredients on separate serving bowls or plates and let your guests build their own tacos.

  • Antipasto Station

Your antipasto bar doesn’t have to include all Italian appetizers. You can include popular non-Italian appetizers on your antipasto food station, too. But of course, since it is an antipasto food station, it’s best to include popular Italian appetizers. Including prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, peppers, sun dried tomatoes, as well as delicious cheeses. Don’t forget to throw in some nuts and fruits in the mix, too. 

  • Tapas Station

If you are holding a small gathering among colleagues and office clients, you can ask your catering company to help you set up a tapas food station at the office. If you want for your meeting to feel more relaxed than usual, tapas food station will definitely help make your small corporate event fun and soothing for your guests. When setting up a tapas food station include non-alcoholic cocktails such as Sangria. There are some staples you need for a tapas food station at the office, including olives, shrimp, chorizo, cheese, and empanadas.

  • Pizza Station

One delicious food station that everyone at the office will actually love is pizza. It may be nice to couple this with a few pasta favourites. But, if you are hosting an informal corporate gathering or office event, having noodle dishes may be messy for your guests. If you and your colleagues haven’t had pizza at the office for a long time, you may want to serve extra fancy pizza at your next office event. Pizza is great for formal events, too. Despite their casual appeal, you can spruce it up by choosing fancy ingredients such as succulent cured meats and fancy cheeses as toppings. A make-your-own-pizza option will also make your pizza station even more fun and exciting.

  • Donut Wall

A donut wall or donut food station is perfect for morning meetings, seminars, or conferences with colleagues. Who doesn’t like donuts? We all love chewing on some every now and then. More importantly, donut wall food stations add a whimsical aesthetic that can brighten up your venue or office space. You can personalize the donut flavours and colours to make your wall eye-popping, too. This is a wonderful alternative to a dessert bar as it saves space, especially if you are hosting functions in small venues. 

  • Vegetable Shooters Station

Vegetables and drips are so yesterday, and shooters are now the hottest health trend. If you want something fresh, healthy, and delicious on your next corporate event, this is definitely something that you need to include as part of your catering menu. With this type of food station, you can use a wide array of vegetable combinations in small serving shot glasses with dips included. Placing food in convenient and compact shooters will also allow your guests to eat while networking with other attendees on the floor. 

  • Food Art Dessert Station

This is a good dessert solution for small to medium-scale corporate events and functions. If you want your guests to bring out the creativity in them, this is definitely a fun and interactive food station to showcase. You can present them with different dessert staples. They can mix and match and form their own dessert plate without limits. You may also hire some food artists to create stunning food masterpieces. 

  • Sushi Station

Nobody can say no to a delectable selection of sushi platters. You can choose from a wide range of sushi rolls and present them in multi-level platters. You may also hire two or three sushi chefs that can accommodate special customised sushi rolls for your guests. Popular sushi rolls that you can include in your sushi station are dragon roll, Philadelphia roll, vegetable roll, tempura roll, and California roll to name a few. 

With these food station catering ideas at your catered corporate event, rest assured that your guests will come home happy not just from networking and learning from your function, but also from the wonderful spread that you have thoughtfully planned out for them. If you want to learn more about our catering package, you may call our Square Catering direct line today.

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