Are you in the process of planning for an upcoming corporate event? If you want to pull off a satisfying and successful event for personnel, executives, partners, clients, and suppliers, you need to sign up a reputable and highly-recommended caterer in Sydney. It is important to obtain the services of a catering company that specialises in corporate events.

Before you call the first corporate catering service in Sydney, it’s best to read this guide first. These pointers will help you find the best North Sydney corporate catering company that will help you pull off a successful event for employees and clients alike.

  • Identify how many guests will be attending the event

Whether you are holding a lunch for a few personnel in your department or planning a major corporate event for clients and suppliers, you need to do a head count before starting to enquire about corporate catering services.

Counting heads is important as this will give caters an idea of which menu options to offer you. If you are unsure about the head count, you can give your caterer updates on the number of people attending so they can adjust their menu and personnel accordingly.

When head counting, here are some tips worth remembering:

  • It’s better to overestimate the number of people attending. There will always be additional heads that will show up to the event last minute. Instead of running short on food, it’s always best to have extra food for the guests.
  • Name your budget

If you are in charge of setting a budget for a corporate event, don’t splurge too much especially if you are serving more than fifty guests. Set a reasonable budget and make sure the corporate caterer has an adequate menu for it.

If personnel, guests, or executives from your guest list have special requests, make sure to have the budget approved to be increased before proceeding to sign a contract with your caterer.


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