3 Common Mistakes Made When Hiring a Sydney Conference Catering Company

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“Will there be food provided?”

It is common to hear such questions whenever one is invited to any conference or meeting. Simply because most people that attends such occasions are in a rush and do not have enough time to grab some food along the way.

However, have you ever experienced not having the chance to even grab a bite of the food catered, because there’s insufficient amount of food? It’s definitely not a surprise to know that such incidents happen more often than expected!

So what exactly goes wrong?

When clients place an order with catering services it is often miscalculated. When hosting an event in Sydney, you need to carefully choose a Sydney conference catering company or a Sydney corporate catering service.

And here’s why….

Amount of People Invited

The number of people invited to an event is not exactly the total amount of people attending. More often than not, the outcome of the event will have more people than expected! Some will have their colleagues tagging along, a personal assistant by their side, or perhaps their partner to accompany them.

Therefore, it is safer to order a slightly larger amount of food than the total amount of expected guests. This will also cover any spillage of food at an event.

The best Sydney catering companies regularly give a gentle reminder to their clients as they are aware of such incidents occurring during the course of any events. Although, it is always best to take note of it in case the catering companies forget to remind you.

The Choice of Food

Another common mistake made is the type of food ordered for a specific conference. Some organisers will typically choose finger foods, muffins or some sandwiches. It is always best to order food following the time of the day. If a conference is held before lunch, it is not ideal to serve food such as pastas and rice. However, if light foods were served instead, there is a high possibility that the food would not be enough as most of the guests will definitely go for seconds!

Sure it costs less

But, this will give a bad impression to the guests as they might think that the company do not have enough budget to spend on satisfying the needs of the guest!

Arrival of Guests

A fair majority  of people have bad experience with catering companies as they or their guests were served with food that has turned cold, or cakes that are warm. These often occur not because the catering companies did it on purpose. Most of the time they were given the wrong information.

Catering companies know how much time they need to set up the tables, arrange the food and so on. Therefore, they would only set up the food near the timing of the guest arrival. However, if the conference or meeting ends later than expected, the food served might not be at the right temperature that it is supposed to be eaten!

Because of these mistakes, a lot of corporate catering companies have been given bad reviews even though the caterer is not at fault. Therefore, before placing any catering order, be sure to have the information on the exact amount of people plus some extra, the exact timing of the arrival of guests in the dining area, and last but not least, pick the right food depending on the time of the day!