Continental Breakfast Basket – 2 per serve (min 10)


2 per serve Package includes:

Assorted cocktail Danish (1) and Mini chocolate croissant (1)


Serve your guests a satisfying breakfast experience with our continental breakfast basket filled with 2 pieces of sumptuous pastry treats. A perfect compliment for coffee or morning tea that includes just about everything that you need to start your day. What better way to kick off an early business meeting or just about any breakfast function?

Enjoy a light and hearty breakfast with 1 pieces of cocktail Danish in fruit or cinnamon swirl flavours. You also get a piece of mini croissant with creamy chocolate filling. All delicious pastry items baked to perfection using fresh and quality ingredients that are sure to satisfy your guests!

Choice ingredients include whole milk, light brown sugar, active dry yeasts, all purpose flour and kosher salt.

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