Christmas Hamper 2018

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Xmas Hamper  perfect combination of sweets and savoury gourmet foods.

The package includes the following:

Nutella jar 25 gr
Dry fig “ Sudino” 250 gr
Nougat 150gr soft
Lollies” Flavorel” 35 gr
Balocco 80 gr  Mini Panettone
Box Torrincini 250 gr “ Di Torio”
Grissini 125 gr
Semi sun Dried Tomatoes 314  gr
Artichockes “Rosa’ 100 gr
Confetti Rum Baba Pistacchio 50 gr
Caramelle cafe’, lemon “Monardo”
Ginger bread cookies 6 pieces
Strawberry Shortbread  5 pieces
Mini wafer “Loaker “ 5 pieces
Semi sun Dried Tomatoes 314  gr
Artichokes “Rosa’ 100 gr
Santa  Ornament
Candle “ salted caramel scented”

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