Top Food Selections

Rustic Sourdough breads

Rustic bread platter -7 pieces


Sushi and Nori Platter


Selection of vegetarian, meat & seafood sushi and nori bits served with soy sauce and wasabi.

Package includes Satay Chicken Skewer, Risotto Ball, Mini Spring Roll and Dim Sim

Package includes an assorted flavour mini muffin, a mini scone and a cocktail danish.

2 per serve Package includes: Mini wholemeal muffin (1) “Healthy Option” (1) Please select one of the “Healthy options” : Small Fruit Salad (1) or Muesli Yoghurt Pot (1)

Fillings include: Ham, chicken, smoked salmon, turkey, roast beef, vegetarian and more, we recommend 1.5 serves per person.

An assortment Sandwiches, Wraps, Turkish pide, Baguettes & Baby buns with gourmet fillings. (1.5 serves per person.)


Fresh Fruit Platter

Selection of seasonal fruits, sliced and ready to eat.