Brownie Platter


Brownie platter served with  fresh cream and strawberries garnish


Sushi and Nori Platter


Selection of vegetarian, meat & seafood sushi and nori bits served with soy sauce and wasabi.


Yum Cha Platter

Selection of BBQ pork buns, siu mai, har gaus and vegetarian dumpling

A selection of cakes, tarts, zuccherati and cannoli. Small (12 pc.) $50.00 Medium (18 pcs.) $75.00 Large (24 pcs.) $99.00


Dips Platter

Selection of three different dips served with corn chips, carrot and celery sticks.


Fruit and Cheese Platter

Fresh seasonal fruits and a selection of fine Australian cheeses with assorted crackers.


Cheese Platter

Selection of fine Australian cheeses, dried fruit and assorted crackers.


Fresh Fruit Platter

Selection of seasonal fruits, sliced and ready to eat.


Antipasto Platter

A selection of deli meats, smoked salmon, olives and grilled vegetables.