Packages and Dietaries


The Winning Post                                                  $14.50* per person

  • BBQ roast chicken (quarter chicken)
  • Garden Salad –Sharing Bowl
  • Potato salad – Sharing Bowl
  • Bread Roll


Flemington Favourite                                            $12.50* per person

  • A selection of International bread with gourmet fillings (1 per serve)
  • Sushi (1)
  • Nori roll (1)





Royal Ribbon

  • 2 layers of sliced bread with gourmet fillings (1 serves)
  • Fruit & Cheese platter (serve 0.5)

Package includes:Gourmet sandwich, spring rolls, sausage roll, spinach triangle

2 per serve Package includes: Gluten & Dairy free Brownie (1) Fruit Skewer (1)

2 per serve Package includes: Gluten free Mini muffin (1) Fruit Skewer (1)

Package includes: gourmet wrap, tartlet, pastizi and satay or tandoori chicken skewer.

Package includes: salad, gourmet sandwich and full serve of finger food

Package includes: Hot food, bread roll, orange or apple juice, sweet of the day.

Package includes: Baby Bun, Bagel Poppy, Mini Baguette and Fresh fruit platter

Package includes: Gourmet Sandwich and fresh fruit platter

Package includes: Baby Bun, 0.5 Finger Sandwich, Mini Baguette, Nori Roll and Sishi.